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A Different Approach to the Qualified Manpower Needed by Our Country

Izmir Bakırçay University was established with the law no. 6745 dated 20.08.2016 and the appointment of rector was realized on 28.08.2017. Work has been started to eliminate the technical and administrative deficiencies of our university, which has a history of close to two years. In addition, approximately 850 students and a Devlet Private State University ”motto started education last year. After the recent studies, it is decided to accept students to the Faculty of Law, Biomedical Engineering and Speech and Language Therapy departments.


Prof.Dr. Mustafa BERKTAŞ

Take a Short Tour On Our Campus

You can easily visit our university from your seat and have ideas and information with media opportunities. You can watch all our fields of activity on video and feel as if you are walking around our university. However, we would like to welcome you to our campus.